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Canggu has become one of the top destination for digital nomads and well-known for its string of third-wave cafes and alternative restaurants. Sandwiched between rows of lush paddy fields and stretches of beaches - Berawa, Nelayan, Batu Bolong, Pererenan and Echo Beach, this coastal village is the up-and-coming area in Bali.

LET’S GET NAMASTE BEACHES There are five beaches in Canggu that you ought to explore and each has its own character offering something for everyone. BERAWA BEACH

A preferred beach for avid surfers who want to escape the crowds in other parts of Bali. Waves can be tough here and currents may be too strong for a leisure dip. However this place offers a majestic sunset panorama for those wanting to witness a slice of Bali’s sunset or simply to lounge at the unique bars and chill out spots in the vicinity.


One of the most popular hideout beach in Canggu, Batu Bolong has beautiful black sandy beach stretching from Seminyak and comes with a breathtaking view facing the Indian Ocean. You will find surfers taking advantage of the great waves. There is almost always a good mix of locals, expatriates and visitors hanging out in the cafes, ‘warungs’ nearby or surfing the breaks here. Unknown to many, there is a beautiful intricate temple hidden behind the rows of ‘warungs’. Visitors are forbidden from entering but you can walk around the area and get lost in the splendour all the same.


Secluded and serves mainly as the local fishermen’s landing coast, you can witness them in action on their colourful boats if you are an early riser. Nelayan Beach is appreciated for its gentle waves and makes a perfect spot for wading and swimming, and those seeking for a great spot to witness the quiet sunsets on the open seascapes.


Strictly made for advanced surf riders, Echo Beach was recently christened as the top surf spot in Bali, drawing surfers from all over the world to ride on its waves. Peppered with some of the finest eateries you can find, Echo Beach quickly transforms into a dining scene by night. Sign up for any of the well-known surf school during the day and once the sun has set, you can settle yourself in any of the fine eateries and sort that growling tummy with a vantage point of the seascapes as your view.


Popular with domestic tourists especially, this beautiful beach is graced with black sand stretching 500 meters along the coast. There are two surf spots here that make it a popular destination for surfing adventures for local and foreign surfers. If you are not a wave rider, this beach is blessed with a spectacular sunset panorama for visitors wanting to romance the dusk while having the gentle sea breeze caress their face.

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